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ReverseSpeech Pro Version 2.6

Reverse Speech Pro

Reverse Speech Pro is software for editing audio or sound files on your computer with specialized functions designed into the software to make analyzing Reverse Speech easier and faster than ever before, while promoting standardization within the discipline. It is the only software in the world specifically designed for the professional documentation and analysis of Reverse Speech.

  • Multiple file formats supported
  • Extensive bookmarking features
  • Special playback functions
  • Auto-dump feature
  • Generate transcripts



iReverseSpeech is an iPhone (and soon to be iPad) application that has been designed to record and analyze audio in order to find hidden messages. It is packed with an impressive array of features that allow you to record, find, save and share your discoveries.

  • Record using the device microphone (or import from your library)
  • Play the recording backwards and various speeds
  • Crop recordings once you’ve found a hidden message
  • Save and share recordings
David Oates brought his genius, skill and determination, displayed in his pursuit and development of Reverse Speech, to his therapeutic work. With his unique investigative tool, David is able to engage the therapeutic patient very rapidly and intensely. This can introduce rapid change quickly, even in chronic situations

John Suess

Founder of Myndslink
David is at the point entirely satisfied that he has many, many examples to demonstrate the phenomena.......The notion that language can carry extra secondary and tertiary messages as well as the overt manifest content is well known to many of you who have studied the works of Dr. Erickson, where double and triple messages are the standard practise in such a device.

Dr. John Grinder

Co-Founder of NLP
This is a form of communication lying completely outside conscious awareness. If it is validated - as I suspect it will be, after examining the evidence thus far - this discovery may prove to be of Nobel caliber. It is rare that a truly novel, creative, and profoundly important discovery is made in the field of human communication.

Larry Dossey

Medical Doctor