What is ReverseSpeech?

Reverse speech is another form of human communication that is automatically generated by the brain as we speak. It occurs backwards in speech and can be heard if human speech is recorded and played backwards. Mixed amongst the gibberish at regular intervals can be heard quite clear grammatically correct sentences that detail what is happening in the unconscious mind of the speaker. If a person is lying in forward speech, their reverse speech may reveal the truth. At deeper levels reverse speech can reveal psychological causes for current issues, whether they be mental emotional or physical.


Here are some simple examples of backwards messages. The audio file will first play forwards at normal speed, then backwards at decreasingly slower speeds.

Listen for actual words by ensuring the syllable count is correct and the consonant and vowell sounds are clear and precise.

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“The real bad bill.”

“It's an amazingly, badly written bill. ”

“It's an honor. ”

“You do not lay claim to the office you hold, it lays claim to you. Your obligation is to bring to it the gifts you can of labour and honesty, and then to depart with grace. ”

“I'm the only one.”

“I can't believe that we have knowingly ever met anyone that could be this vicious. ”
David Oates brought his genius, skill and determination, displayed in his pursuit and development of Reverse Speech, to his therapeutic work. With his unique investigative tool, David is able to engage the therapeutic patient very rapidly and intensely. This can introduce rapid change quickly, even in chronic situations

John Suess

Founder of Myndslink
David is at the point entirely satisfied that he has many, many examples to demonstrate the phenomena.......The notion that language can carry extra secondary and tertiary messages as well as the overt manifest content is well known to many of you who have studied the works of Dr. Erickson, where double and triple messages are the standard practise in such a device.

Dr. John Grinder

Co-Founder of NLP
This is a form of communication lying completely outside conscious awareness. If it is validated - as I suspect it will be, after examining the evidence thus far - this discovery may prove to be of Nobel caliber. It is rare that a truly novel, creative, and profoundly important discovery is made in the field of human communication.

Larry Dossey

Medical Doctor